Tobacco Trading International Poland

Our company operates on the Polish market of high-quality tobacco products and related accessories. We are at the forefront of companies specializing in the import and distribution of tobacco products and complementary products. The company's mission is primarily to provide proven, highest quality products and professional, comprehensive service to each customer. We focus on timeliness, reliability and professional service. We apply the win-win rule in every field of activity.

Dear Sir or Madam, the contemporary tobacco market, like other sectors of the economy, is changing dynamically. Our ambition is to be the leader of these changes Not only in our industry. We are constantly adapting to market requirements and trying to exceed the constantly growing expectations of customers at the same time. We combine the experience of the producers of snuff, tobacco and cigars that we offer with the technologies of the 21st century which we live in. It is possible only thanks to constant changes and taking advantage of emerging opportunities, i.a. technological. In 2019, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of our company. It was a special year: celebration, hard work, numerous prizes, and awards. The fact that we have been operating for over a quarter of a century is certainly due to the company reputation and products we have been gradually building up over the years, as well as our long-term and strategic approach. Every day we face the task of reaching the growing expectations and requirements of our customers. We hope that during all the years of cooperation we have managed to convince our partners that we are able to meet these challenges. The constant dialogue with companies that have trusted us enables us to set market trends, not only in the field of tobacco products. Our goal is continuous development and improvement. I emphasize all the time that I want the company to be perceived as modern, able to combine the latest technology, experience, and tradition. Highly motivated and professional crew, modern means of communication, efficient logistics facilities - everything to provide reliable service and fulfill Your orders. We believe that all our activities will allow us to meet Your expectations.