TTI Poland's Timeline

Please find a few dates and events important to our company history bellow. We are inviting you to journey through time.

We are the leader

The contemporary tobacco market, like other sectors of the economy, is changing dynamically. Our ambition is to be the leader of these changes. We are constantly adapting to market requirements, at the same time trying to predict the constantly growing expectations of customers. We combine the experience of the snuff, tobacco and cigars producers with the technologies of the 21st century. The systematic development of the niche market of alternative tobacco products has allowed us to expand our offer and increase turnover. Thanks to this, we were able to increase the number of employees. Today we employ 63 people. We serve clients throughout the country. Over 30 Representatives and employees of the Key Customer Department take care of them. Employees are the company's greatest asset. Thanks to their commitment, TTI is still developing and can be a leader in its market segment.


25 years of Mascotte brand in Poland

In April o 2019 we celebrated the 25th anniversary of our company. Not many people know that basically from the very beginning, Mascotte products were present in our portfolio. Thank you for a quarter century of cooperation.


We are celebrating the 25th anniversary of our company

Exactly 28 April 1994 Tobacco Trading International Poland was founded. For a quarter of a century, the company becomes one of the leaders in the Polish tobacco market.


The key regulations of the September 2016 Act enter into force.

On May 21 all tobacco products that did not meet the new regulations has been outlawed, as well as Cigarettes and cigarette tobacco with a characteristic aroma, with the exception of mint aroma.


Nomination to the BCC Council

Our CEO, Mr. Mariusz Stanek, was nominated to the Council of the Business Center Club's Lesser Poland Lodge .


The new "Tobacco Act" comes into force

On September 8, the Act of July 22, 2016 came into force. It introduced a number of very significant changes in the functioning of the tobacco market. Our company and its foreign partners also had to adapt to the new regulations, which required not only time but also the allocation of significant financial resources.


Preselling system was implemented

Since June, all our representatives work in presellig system.


20 years of TTI

April 28 we celebrated the twentieth anniversary of our company.


Statuette of the Polish Business Leader for TTI

Our company received the Golden Statue of the Polish Business Leader


The new headquarters

More and better financial results in 2001 allowed the purchase of land in Modlnica near Cracow and start construction of the office with a warehouse area of more than 1 000 m. The official opening of the new premises took place in January 2003.


Member of the Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce

We joined a group of companies associated in the Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce


Snuff legal again

After 3 years of the ban on sales of snuff in Poland, we have changed the law and snuff permanently returned to TTI Poland offer.



Snuff was banned

In 1996 trading of snuff in Poland was banned. It had a negative impact on our company. The snuff accounted for over 50% of sales. The exclusion of such an important product of the company's offer "forced" widening of the product range with new product groups. In this way, the offer was enriched with cigarettes and pipes accessories, pipes, cigars, cigarillos and lighter.


The beginning of Tobacco Trading International Poland

The Tobacco Trading International Poland company started its operation on April 28, 1994, as a Polish company with the participation of German capital. At the very beginning Employed 3 people, and the headquarter was a small, adapted from the residential, building at Olsztyn street in Krakow. Initially, the range was only snuff , pipe tobaccos and cigarette tobaccos - flagship products Poeschl and domestic pipes manufactured by Bróg company belonging to Zbigniew Bednarczyka. B